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  5. "Swimming is good."

"Swimming is good."

Translation:اَلْسِّباحة جَيِّدة.

November 7, 2019



What's the difference between طيب and جيد, and why is only one of them correct here?


The word جَيِّد = good in any case.

The word طَيِّب is used to say kind/charming/nice/enjoyable. It can be used to describe people, and then means kind. It can also be used to describe things that one experience (food, music, hobbies...). If you say for instance اَلْسِّباحة طَيِّبة, that would mean "Swimming is nice/enjoyable"


The word"طيب"means tasty like that is was tasty food, and the word "جيد"means good like a good luck.


I am from iraq and i also learning english.

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