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  5. "Litteras scribis."

"Litteras scribis."

Translation:You write literature.

November 7, 2019



The English sounds odd. You can write novels, poems, plays, stories, etc--but literature sounds more like an evaluative cover term applied to a body of work by readers/critics. Does the Latin sound OK?


In Latin, yes, it's letters or literature.

Just to know: What would be used in English to mean that you write novels that is considered literature?


Literary fiction if pressed, but typically writers will just say that they write novels.


Why is it "litteras"? So far I have only learned of "litteris" (masc) and "littera" (fem)


litteris is not masculine, it is the dative and ablative plural of littera and still feminine.

It is litteras (accusative plural) since most verbs take the accusative as the direct object. You likely saw litteris used with a form of studeo, studere which takes the dative as the direct object.

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