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Milstone: 150 Days - 100XP Thanks Duolingo!!

Well, I've finally done it.

I've managed to keep a streak for
150 days. I reset my tree a few
months ago, and lost 60k XP.

I'm now back up above 20k XP,
and going a lot slower. I made a
trip to Europe last summer, but
now I am thinking about focusing
on getting back up to 60k and over.

This means that I'll need to increase
my daily quota. I don't want to burn
out though, so I think I will keep things
simpler than before. I'm setting myself
a limit of 900XP per day, which should
make my results around 35k per week.

To everyone reading this. You CAN do it.
Keeping a streak is important. It's a game.
The streak is a part of the game. The idea
of Duolingo is to make languages into a
game. The competition of the game is a
motivating factor, when you compete
against other. Some competitors "cheat."

The thing is, when you keep a "streak,"
that's also a competition. It's a competition
against yourself though. You control it.
That's why it's the best competition.

So keep your streaks.
Never quit.


November 7, 2019, 6:18 PM


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