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I completed the Latin tree!

Though I've completed the Chinese and Spanish trees in prior efforts, I feel a special sense of accomplishment because Latin is the first tree I've completed without significant prior background in the language.

Duolingo has eliminated the "I'll never try to learn x language" barriers I had put up for myself over the past several decades. Now, I hover my finger over the "+ add a new course" button, take a few deep breaths, press the button and voila! I'm learning Japanese, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Swahili, all at no additional cost! I learn a lot from the forums, too. For example, one person likened repeating timed practices to practicing scales on a musical instrument, and doing so helped me to improve my Spanish tremendously in just a few weeks. Now, I'm using this technique to improve my reading speed in non-roman character sets, such as Hindi, Japanese and Arabic, as well.

I am hopeful that Duolingo will eventually introduce stories in more of the existing languages, and perhaps some lessons geared toward how Latin is still used today, such as in law. Other than that, ego te laudo, Duo! I'm off to finish the Hindi tree and speed up my Spanish and Chinese some more.

November 8, 2019



How on earth did you finish the Latin tree so fast?


He probably hasn't leveled all the skills up to level 5 yet, although I'm not quite sure about that


Correct. The tree is only complete to level 1 so far. I have taken to timed practicing just the first few lessons at level 5 and then moving down the tree a little further each session. Last study session I put in a big push and finished the entire last section to level 1. I think it will take quite a while to complete the golden tree because I plan on working up to flawless timed practices one or two lessons at a time before opening more lessons to level 5. Timed repetition seems to be how I best achieve practical abilities with a language using Duolingo. Completing to level 1 is just a nice motivation milestone as well as a preview of what I'll be working on over the long term.


It you did only the level 1 lessons, you didn't have all the sentences of the course, some sentences show up at level 2 or 3.


The Latin tree is really short.


I'm also proud to have finished my Latin tree. I however had learned it at school more than 50 years ago. I hope Duo is going to continue the Latin, because there's still a lot to learn like the past and future forms.


Good job! Try to get that Latin golden tree, as well as the owl, now.


Thanks for the info about the golden tree and the owl. I will pursue those in Latin and the other two trees I finished.


What do you mean by "golden tree"


Where you make all the skills golden.


Completing all skills to Level 5 will complete the 'tree' to gold.


I also completed the Latin tree, but having the dedication to get the golden tree seems time consuming


I've currently got all but a few modules up to level 3.

I'm not personally planning to go much farther. I started going through Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata (part 1) a few weeks ago, and I'm currently on chapter 8. After the first 2-3 chapters, which mostly cover territory Duolingo does as well, it was a lot more productive (admittedly, also more challenging) than reviewing anything on Duolingo.

I'm probably going to get the last few modules up to level 3 and then call it good. (I'd like to re-complete the Spanish tree, which updated while I was doing other things...)


Cool comment.

Ignoring the 4th & 5th levels is not a bad idea. They are repetition of the same material in earlier levels and level 5 does get to be pretty dull if you don't test out but go through all of the lessons.

Especially if you are going through Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, which has a lot more material than Duolingo's lessons do so far. Lesson 8, "Taberna Romana" . . . I really liked lesson 9, "Pastor et Oves," for some reason. I'm going through the book too for review, and it's been really worthwhile. If you ever get bogged down--it's a long slog after a while: learning any language from a book is--I could list some maybe "inspirational" links from people who have used the book successfully. But if you're humming along right now, don't bother reading about the book, just use it.

You might try doing Latin timed practice on Duolingo, and see if that gives you any benefit. Haven't tried it w/ the Latin course since finishing the tree, but it has definitely been worthwhile/fun for other languages, and one of the quicker ways to earn XP's, if that's of importance to you.


Thanks to both of you. A companion study guide is a great idea. I went to Amazon and found the recommended text but settled on Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition on Kindle Unlimited. It was just too hard to pass up, given the instant access and $0.00 price point, two of the easiest ways to get my business. I am really enjoying both the excerpts from actual classic Latin literature and the fact that I recognize much of the vocabulary I picked up while working my way through the Duolingo tree, at least in the first two chapters.

I grabbed this nugget from the Wheelock's preface: repetītiō est māter memoriae (“repetition is the mother of memory”). I'm not a guy who enjoys repetitive activities by nature but having experienced the exponential improvements in my comprehension and speaking abilities in Spanish after doing Duo's timed practices repeatedly, not only am I sold on the concept, but I actually look forward to doing them.

Unlike the case in my Spanish studies, I don't expect I'll be engaging in completely immersive and sustained engagement in Latin with anyone any time soon. Nonetheless, I think working toward a similar proficiency in Latin will only help me to enjoy the works found in Wheelock's and other study books even more. Still, if by chance I find myself on some far away street one day looking up at a sign that says "Hic Karaoke Latine Cantamus," I won't hesitate to go inside, take the megaphone in hand and sing a few bars from the scrolls before continuing on my way.


Génial - Te felicito! Que entretenido leer textos de usuarios en Duolingo, es muy interesante conocer otra gente muy interesada en los idiomas! Nos duolingum laudamus! Arbor latinus valde bene est! Quaeso da nos arborem novum per linguam Latinam discere potere. Duolingo mihi placet. I wanted to say, the latin tree is great! I love it, i'm SO sure there will be an update of the course soon! I also imagined a latin course from German, that would be so exciting! Thank you!!


¡Gracias! linguam Latinam bene scribis!


Bon voyage when it comes to learning languages, DonPalomo!


Me too, and it took me almost 70 days. But I did it very slowly at purpose, to understand the grammar of every sentences.

Now I plan to grab all the crowns. I'd like to reach level 25, but from level 12 to level 25 with always the same units, it will be really boring.

I could wait they add more content.


Congratulations! I find your effort to understand the grammar in every sentence laudatory. I am still working on that and am using supplementary material to do so.

I'm hoping to see an expanded tree as well.


Whoa. So many languages... I could never learn that many at once...


Never say never ;P


I've already got the golden owl in Latin course but still I couldn't claim my conqueror badge. Can anyone tell me where to report such cases? Thank you..


I finished the Latin tree up to 5 in less than a month (I did it at school long ago) now what?


That's impressive! Congratulations! Did you get the Wheelock's Latin book yet? I remember that was fun getting into afterward.



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