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No great need for the word "weasel"

Thank you so much for adding Latin to your course selections. I am curious about all the references to to weasels. Don't mind it so much, but don't often find myself talking or reading about weasels. Is someone on staff a great fan of this creature?

November 8, 2019


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Or drunk parrots and cookies either. But it fits with DLs approach to learning. They make the phrases odd or funny to try to make them more memorable.


ig cookies is an essential thing (sort of) because people like cookies.


There are some claims that they were kept as pets back in the day, but those claims are disputed (they may just have been pests).

This little article gives a nice overview, but google will also give you plenty of results if you enter something along the lines of "weasel ancient rome": https://foundinantiquity.com/2013/10/28/the-weasel-in-antiquity-pet-or-pest/

Either way, I enjoy the occasional weasel hopping through my Latin lessons (and the drunk parrots too).


Thanks! Good to know there's a reason for this. I'll check out the article.


Mustela is the name of the weasel genus, and mustelids the family (which surprisingly also seems to include badgers, otters and wolverines) Perhaps we will get some daemon references soon, as quite a few of them seem to be mustelids.


A cat might make more sense. Especially in the sentence where it captat mures.


It seems weasels figured more prominently in Latin speaking households than I knew. Interesting link in one of the comments. Now, what about parrots ...

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