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I Tested Out of Latin :)

It's one of those days where the little victories matter. I dunno, but I was rather proud of myself that I finally completed a language. I know, I know, it's only in beta and it's still rather short, but I'll take my victories where I can find them. Today it's Latin on Duolingo, tomorrow it's all of Gaul!

My ten years of Latin have finally paid off...I guess.

Okay, back to trudging my way through my usual languages.

November 8, 2019




How many lessons did you go through the non-test out way to finish at level 3? Or did you do the entire course by testing out?


I did the entire course by testing out. But there are only three levels so far. Or at least that there is only a castle with a "three" flag above the golden owl. There's not an option for me to take a higher level yet.

Are you all able to access higher levels?


The castle with the "three" flag is checkpoint three, not level 3.

Levels can be seen here: https://www.duome.eu/Wulfwyn


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

I'm assuming that because Latin is just now in beta, it only has three checkpoints and more will be added.


I just finished all of the Latin course to level 5 in each lesson, putting me at level 11 for the language as a whole. This compares with level 25 in Spanish, where I have been able to contribute to Quora at a high level.

We are supposed to get an upgrade to the Latin course sometime in the next year, including the genitive and dative cases for nouns and adjectives, and the rest of the tenses, and maybe the subjunctive. Wiktionary and other resources can give you full declensions and conjugations plus etymologies.

In the mean time the Cambridge Latin Course https://www.clc.cambridgescp.com/

and the Cambridge School Classics Project https://www.na.cambridgescp.com/

can give you the rest of the grammar, plus graded reading and listening lessons up to easy selections from Aesop, Ovid, and Homer in Latin.

Then you should be able to tackle Winnie-Ille-Pu, Alicia in Terra Mirabili, or Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis.

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