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Notifications that people are following me but can't see them

Hi team,

I receive email notifications that various people are following me on Duolingo, but when I log in to the website I can't see the activity anywhere and followers do not appear as 'friends'.

Is the ability to 'follow' people specific to linking up Facebook to your profile?

April 24, 2013



Hi there! Sorry for the confusion here. We'll be adding the ability to see who is following you very soon. It is something that we realize is very important :)


Is 5 years soon?


I know right? Super slooow ⊙~⊙ ㅋㅋㅋ


Good, since I want to know when 3 people have followed me. I’m trying to reach the next level of the “friendly” achievement.


For now, you can click the link to user's profile right in your email notification and friend them back if you like.

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