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  5. "Quattuor filias habetis."

"Quattuor filias habetis."

Translation:You have four daughters.

November 8, 2019



Is anyone else getting marked wrong for typing, "You have four girls" but meaning "four daughters."

Before people say anything: yes, I understand why it thinks I'm wrong. I'm saying that in parts of American English, one uses "boys" for "sons" and "girls" for "daughters", and I'm finding it hard to switch out of that. I'll even think "daughter" but write (in Latin or in English) "girl".


Yes, same in my dialect and I just reported it. "Sons" and "daughters" sounds very formal, although I appreciate that "boys" and "girls" adds ambiguity.


Is anyone else having trouble with this guy's pronunciation? Here for example, it sounds to me like he is saying fibias. I typed it in that way at first, but then I looked at it and thought, "I don't remember learning a word like that." So I listened to it again, and again, and it still sounded like he was putting a b in there. But I changed it to filias anyway.

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