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Why is Mädchen neutral?

Why is Mädchen neutral? Why does Das go in front of it, when Mädchen is clearly female?

July 28, 2012



Jarryaany is right. Das Mädchen is a diminutive of die Magd (the maid). Any German noun that ends with -chen will have the neuter definite article, das. In German, grammatical gender doesn't always match biological gender. One example of this is when referring back to something with "it".

Ich habe eine Katze. Sie is schwarz. - I have a cat. It is black. - "Cat" is grammatically feminine (die Katze) so in the second sentence, "sie" means "it" and not "she". It has nothing to do with the cat being a female cat; it has to do with the word being grammatically feminine.


Sie is her Es is it


Thank all of you for your answers! I guess it makes no sense, but you just gotta deal with it, LOL.


What the others said. BTW, you're not the first to wonder about that. When Mark Twain tried to learn German in the 19th century, he wrote: "In German, a young lady has no sex, while a turnip has. Think what overwrought reverence that shows for the turnip, and what callous disrespect for the girl." :)



I think it is because it is a diminutive.


It's interesting to know the origin of the word Mädchen from Magd, it makes it all a bit more understandable. It's a very complex and convoluted process by which language originates.

I just found out that a male cat is der Kater - so I guess that means die Katze is probably, technically, a female cat.


grammatical gender doesn't have anything to do with biological gender. you just have to learn it together with the word...

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