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  5. "How do you count, Rania?"

"How do you count, Rania?"

Translation:كَيْف تَعُدّين يا رانْيا؟

November 8, 2019



why Rania is ending with ا , Others (like Samia) with ة . Is there a rule for names ?


I think it depends entirely on the name. A name ending in ta-marbuta (ة) would almost certainly be feminine. Not sure the same is true for alif?


When to use taudeen and when to use taud?


Taud (تعد) is used when the person with whom you are talking to is make. Tauddeen (تعدين) is used when the person you are talking to is female.


I am unable to see any difference between my answer and yours—but possibly, that is because I am near blind?


I thought taud and taudeen are singular or plural feminine roots?? Why are both not accepted? I used taud for Rania. Don't understand how it's wrong? Tks..

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