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Mater / Matrem Pater/ Patrem

Hello. I can't understand when may i use Mater and when may I use Matrem. The same for Pater and Patrem. Can you help me?

November 8, 2019



Mater/Pater are nominatives so you use them to express subjects of verbs, while matrem/patrem are accusatives and you use them to express direct objecs of verbs. I hope that helps.


Right! So to say "Mother teaches" is "Mater docet," but "he teaches Mother" is "Matrem docet." Latin has different endings for nouns to show what the noun is doing in the sentence - which means that Latin is less dependent on word order. So "mater docet" and "docet mater" both mean "mother teaches" even though the words are in a different order (English doesn't do this; it relies on word order, not endings, to show what the noun is doing in a sentence). Remembering the endings can be tricky, but ultimately they're helpful and really cool.


It depends whether it's the subject or the object of the sentence. If you read the notes by each lesson, thoroughly and carefully, all will be revealed.

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