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  5. "They throw the food to us."

"They throw the food to us."

Translation:Cibum nobis iaciunt.

November 8, 2019



What is this, a food fight?


I think "Ad nos cibum iaciunt" is possible (with the motion of throwing involved).

"Cibum nobis iaciunt," with the dative on the model of "Cibum nobis dant" (they give it to us), makes sense.

(I wonder who "we" are--maybe mustelae sumus?)


again, the verb iacio means you are throwing something to or towards someone...in this sentence, "to us" indicates movement from one place to another, NOT an indirect object...use "ad nos". The dative is used with verbs of giving, telling, or showing, with many compound verbs and with "special verbs that take the dative"...and the verb iacio does not fall into any of those categories.


Yes, I agree about the need for ad + accus (or in + accus) with iacere.

I checked the OLD under iacio, and the only time I see it with a dative is in an example from Cicero where "iacere" is used in a metaphorical sense: videor mihi iecisse fundamenta defensionis meae (Cael. 5), "I seem to have thrown for myself the foundations of my defense."


See previous notes re accusative of place to which vs dative

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