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Just completed 1st level, helpful start!

I have just finished the Arabic tree (only level 1). It's pretty much time just to learn to read arabic, but! I am very happy.

That's many years that I want to learn Arabic, I always gave up soon because the methods were too difficult.

Of course I would have enjoy a longer course in Arabic, eventhough, I feel that now my brain became familiar with the language, (It is easy to spend 4 hours per day with Duolingo-Arabic.)

So now I can go back to my "learning arabic books + CD", and to begin a real study... Actually, it sounds so difficult, I hope I'll live over 100 years... to maybe be able to have a usual conversation in Arabic.

Enjoy the trip of the life :)

November 9, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Nice. You are so enthusiastic! Keep on going with your Arabic - Best Wishes to You! ☆


    Congratulations! I also looked at the beginning levels of Arabic. It looks pretty challenging, just tackling the alphabet, best of luck to you! I decided to do a language where the alphabet was similar.


    Just out of interest, which Arabic book + CD course do you use? I am thinking about what I'll do when I get to the end of level 4 here (scarily soon), and both Rosetta Stone and Al-Kitaab are pretty expensive for something I don't know whether I'll get on with or not.


    At the beginning it seemed difficult but as time goes on it's easier for me. I wish you go ahead and not give up and one day you will speak like your language

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