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Dutch (Netherlands)

I can't wait to learn Dutch! In the incubator it says that Dutch will be released tomorrow![estimated launch] Is this to good to be true, or what? -charis

June 26, 2014



Hi TheFrenchFanatic!

Unfortunately we won't go into beta tomorrow. :|
We still need to test the course and improve certain aspects.

Currently we're unable to:

  1. test the course material and
  2. add and remove all word images necessary

Thus, at this point, we're still also writing the tips & notes and adding extra vocabulary. We'd like the tips & notes to be finished before the course is released as well (although this is not an absolute requirement) and it can't hurt to teach some extra vocabulary!

Therefore, it'll be necessary to have a little bit more patience. Hopefully we'll release at the end of this month, that being our aim. Thanks for being so enthusiastic about our course, we also can't wait!!! :)

Edit/Note: The original English course only has 1379 words. There's a limit for the amount of words we can add without making the tree unnecessarily bulky... It will be impossible for us to create a course with, say, 3000 words, but we're hoping to reach an amount of 1700 words (we'd sulkingly accept the upper 1600s too...). We do not have any insight into the final word count, so we're really curious about what the final amount of words will be :)


"Always late, but worth the wait!" I heard it somewhere it's similar to the situation :)


I wouldn't say the Dutch course is late. A few weeks ago, to have the Dutch course by mid July would have been amazing. The team has done a great job to tease us with getting it at the end of June


Interesting quote, I like it!


Better than "wrong but not for long"


That's very cool that you're adding extra vocabulary. I don't know if that is possible after the release but I wish so much the French tree had more vocabulary. Congratulations for your team work and take as much time as necessary.


Don't worry I am very good at being patient :)


Top 3k words would be cool!


1700 different words? Or 1700 words in total?


well done for learning all the lanuges you have


Hello Is there any chance for the Dutch to French version (& french-dutch) to be released soon? I love duolingo & I'm learning Spanish from English, but I know a lot of Belgians how would be really enthousiastic about Dutch-French and French people wanting to learn Dutch


Dutch will we extraordinary to have on Duolingo!


If you people would need help if the Dutch course is released, I'm a native speaker. :)

[deactivated user]

    How to trick people into thinking you can speak Dutch:



    "Vind ik leuk"


    ("I like" ;))

    [deactivated user]

      Why on earth would anyone want to learn Dutch? :-) (and that's coming from a native speaker)


      Hoi Sven!

      I started building the English for Dutch speakers course, the original course for our language pair, last October and ever since I've heard the following reasons of non-native speakers for learning Dutch most frequently:

      1. for communicating with family, friends and loved ones (significant others)
      2. for being able to better understand the culture they are living in (reasons of foreign exchange students, expats and businessmen)
      3. out of interest for the West-germanic languages (linguists, language enthusiasts)
      4. an interest in our culture (art, history, etcetera)
      5. for career purposes

      This albeit convenient shortlist aside, I strongly believe that any language is as legitimate as the other and people have reasons as diverse as their backgrounds are. :)

      [deactivated user]

        You are totally right, but I was just poking to see who would bite ;-). You can actually travel to South Africa or the Antilles and get by in Dutch perfectly, though sometimes you should speak slowly. It's funny to see how much of other cultures/languages has bled into ours.

        That said, I offer my help to anyone wanting tips or help learning our "diamond in the rough" language :-).


        Haha, you instigator! (;
        We did receive such questions before, so I figured I'd share my two cents early (and limit any criticism that'd arise). :)


        What a world we live in; where people from different cultures can connect with others without even leaving their homes and exchange each other's languages. Very cool, thanks for the hard work.



        I want to be able to talk Dutch with my (recently engaged) fiancé. Add the fact, I also started learning because I wanted to improve my relationship with his family as I want them to be able to feel like they won't be forced to switch into English just to communicate with me. It's important to me that people feel comfortable around me, and by learning their native language so we can communicate in two possible languages - I feel that will make them more relaxed as they won't have to constantly think in English either and proud that someone is trying their hardest to speak their mother tongue.


        PANNENKOEKEN! That is all.

        [deactivated user]

          PanneNkoeken (met stroop)


          When I first heard Dutch it sounded so harsh to my ears, I thought, my goodness I will never speak this. But over time I've come to enjoy the sound of it as I've known Dutch people and experienced their vriendskaap and gezelligheid!


          I guess, because of your enthusiasm, you wouldn't mind a little correction. It's not vriendskaap, it's vriendschap.

          Also, I think it's great that Dutch might become a little more well-known as it gets its own Duolingo course.


          Yes! I was thinking of Afrikaans! Thank you. :) See why I need lessons!?!


          Because I'm going to emigrate to the Netherlands at some point in the future, so it'd be rude not to....


          Just because. :)


          SvenHaers, I love Blof and have been dabbing in Dutch in order to sing along. I love the way it sounds and learning through music is great! (That is how I learned English back - way back... - as a teen.

          [deactivated user]

            Haha, I hate Blof, I think they sound depressing! I usually avoid anything sung, spoken or acted in Dutch, I read English books almost exclusively (Spanish learning material aside) and the same goes for movies, English or Spanish.

            A number I'm a fan of lately (heard it on the radio) is "La Derniere Danse" by Danila (I think). It's french and I can understand most of it. Apart from that I don't do a lot with French, but it's a way to keep those memories fresh (more or less).


            Exactly! That's why I like them. :-) My favorite album is Blauwe ruis, in which at least half the songs have those depressing minor chords. I absolutely love it! :-) I'll check out that French song.


            yes for me i really want to learn dutch :)


            Goed zo, het is een mooie maar ingewikkelde taal,succes


            It usually keeps moving with passing of days, but it'll stop soon and release. :)


            Hi, I am so looking forward to its release. My wife is Flemish and I have done the usual English trick of being lazy. But as I am now flat on my back due to injury, thought to do it for once. Tried Babel, but bounced. Tried the French in duolingo, and just how I need to learn, so am hopeful Dutch will be the same.


            Seriously buzzing for the Dutch course to come out


            I have been taking the course now for a few days. Check your flag drop-down where it says "add a new course"? Happy learning!


            Is there any way to get print outs or vocabulary lists for this. I think it's absolutely wonderful but I would love to consolidate the learning with a steadfast translation list.. Any help..?


            Hi everyone,

            I am a native speaker (Dutch). Yesterday I was just checking out the Dutch course. Unfortunately I have found quite a lot mistakes. A lot of translations from English to Dutch are incorrect, especially the single words. Some sentences do not even make sense, neither in Dutch nor in English.

            Therefore I really would like to help you guys with this course and I would like to offer my help to Duolingo to improve the Dutch course.

            Kind regards, Oessie


            I appreciate the sentiment. :)

            However, I have to admit that saying that our course is not of a good quality, without giving examples or knowing how courses are created, is not a very clever approach, if you want to be part of our team. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. ;)

            Nonetheless, feel free to apply via incubator.duolingo.com.
            We'll be looking forward to your application. :)

            We go over the applications once in a while, when we need new contributors.
            When you come across sentences which you consider to be incorrect, please report them with the report button during the lessons. That would help us out and you would improve the course that way as well.

            Good luck!



            Well easy.. I didn't mean to be harsh if you felt it to be like that.. I was just reporting that I have seen incorrect stuff and as I am not just a criticiser but also a helper, I already offered my help rather than just criticising. And I absolutely agree with you on the fact that Duolingo is such a helpful app and not crap. Furthermore, I indeed would like to join your team and I did not give any examples as I already have sent you guys an email (with a few examples) and because, as I said, I am not just a criticiser, I want to help and to improve Duolingo in any possible way. That is who I am!

            Kind regards, Oessie


            I can help improving the Dutch course as well. How do you get to the beta version?

            I have started French a while back and I love the concept. (My French isn't bad but needed some updating haha)


            duolingo has helped me in 2 monthes i have came on great with dutch

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