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I DID IT!!!!

Golden owl, baby! I'm so proud of myself and all who have achieved this awesomeness! Just a quick question, how long did it take you guys out there that have the golden owl to get it, and do you get extra perks if you get to level 5 on all the skills? Oops, I guess that was two!!

November 9, 2019




You don't get extra perks for unlocking level 5.


Great job. It took me almost a year to get it in Esperanto and I'm less than half way in Spanish with maybe 3 or 4 months in it.


lately they started eroding my levels again. I had the owl then they added new skills to complete. So enjoy the accomplishment, but really that whole level thing is just a mind game to keep you practicing/watching ads/ learning the language. Hope you are having fun learning.


Golden owl? WHAT is THAT??? Is that when you get lvl. 5 on every lesson, or when you finish the game? (new to Duo) Also, Nice Work!!


It's when you get every skill to at least level 1. (Getting every single skill to level five is usually refered to as a golden tree.)




A little under six months I think, without testing out. (For the new tree, the old tree took me a little more than three months.)


Congratulations! You should be proud! It took me about two years to achieve gold in all the skills in the Korean course. However, there was a point when I wasn't very consistent so I could've finished faster but I slacked a little bit.


Nice job! I have an 132 day streak, and I'm nowhere close to finishing, but I will PERSEVERE!


Congratulations! now do the other way around :) (from spanish to english)


Muy bien echo!! practica todo los dias y mejoras!!!

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