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  5. "the grandparent of Kaʻiulani"

"the grandparent of Kaʻiulani"

Translation:ke kupuna o Kaʻiulani

November 9, 2019



Is "ko Ka'iulani kupuna" right?


Both "ke kupuna o Kaʻiulani" and "ko Kaʻiulani kupuna" are accepted for this exercise, with "ke kupuna o Kaʻiulani" being the default answer. Some people might translate "ko Kaʻiulani kupuna" as "Kaʻiulani's grandparent".


Aloha. I am curious as to the use of kupuna which I took to mean elder (generic). I considered tutu or made up variant tutu makua and I believe there is kuku also. Can you clarify please?

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