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Spanish Practice: Child Nutrition and cooking

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I just wanted to call attention to this, in case there's someone who'd like to use it for extra practice.


This is a Child Nutrition and Cooking class that Coursera is offering for free. Unlike most of their MOOC classes, it's intended for you to just take it any time, at any pace you want. (It's supposed to help people provide better and healthier food for their children, so they want it to be available any time someone might want to use it.)

The course is in English, but it offers Spanish subtitles as an option, so you could try to see how well you can follow it with the sound off and then check against the original English to see how you did. Given the topic, I'm thinking it'll probably include a lot of words for basic everyday stuff like vegetables and fruits.

You might also learn some stuff about nutrition and cooking as a bonus :)

4 years ago

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if it is going to fast to read the subtitles you can set it at 75% speed. Coursera also has some other courses in Spanish and setting the speed at 75% really helps comprehension.

4 years ago