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"His neighbor Carrie is next to me in this picture."

Translation:جارَتهُ كَري بِجانِبي في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة.

November 9, 2019



I have to use a handheld magnifying glass to read the Arabic script. But that is only because of the short vowels and other pronounciation and grammatical markers. Hopefully, with time, I'll become so accustomed to reading that I'll won't need to see all these little markings.


Just for information, I put بِجِواري instead of بِجانِبي and it was accepted. Don't be afraid to try other words you already know.


There is a typo in the proposed Arabic word...


On mine too. Ha!


This has nothing to do with this particular item: but there is something wrong with my vision; that is why I am making so many mistakes. I have to stop my Arabic lessons until I have found a solution to this problem. (And there is a possibility that I cannot do anything about my vision; I may be going blind. How boring!!!


hopefully you just need new glasses. That happens, and yes, they have ridiculously small script for vowels.


EvemarieMo, my very best wishes for a solution to your sight problem! If I knew how to add a heart emoji, I would.


Isn't "in this picture" has to go to the BEGInNing of the sentence?



It's not a must. We may put في هذه الصورة at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.


Away54, I think you mean, "at the beginning or at the end of the sentence".


Thanks, KatieC! I have edited it :))


I think that if "in this picture" is placed at the beginning, the English translation is, "There is ... in this picture". I hope I'm right, but if not, I'd be very grateful if someone corrected me.


Duolingo is not consistent with this. With two sentences in a row, "in the picture" at the beginning of the sentence was marked correct in one and incorrect in another with all other things being equal.


very hard without audio!


Why are different writing styles used (for the letters at the beginning of a word) all of a sudden? like the K, the F etc. It is very annoying!!!

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