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  5. "The cows are fine."

"The cows are fine."

Translation:गायें ठीक हैं ।

November 9, 2019



Hm. I was struggling with the abc -> devanagari keyboard, and ended up with गाएं, and though maybe it'll get through as a typo, I know what I'm trying to get so I'm happy with that.

But it was accepted, no typo. Is that an error, or is that a correct spelling too? (If it is, might explain why I couldn't seem to make it render गायें from abc.)


गाए is a (not very common) alternate spelling of गाय whose plural would be गाएँ so you would be technically correct.

However, I am surprised you couldn't get गायें. That is the much more used spelling.

Also, the reason your keyboard threw up गाएँ is probably not because of the 'cows' meaning'. It is also one of the forms of the verb गाना (to sing).


Huh, thanks! I just tried again, and typing 'gaaye' gets गाय, even more oddly it doesn't want to render any devanagari at just 'gaay', or if I add a second 'e' to try and force that vowel, in both cases it just prints the Latin characters as typed.

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