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"Ja ty milanú?" - Translation help please


My grandfather's family is from the Czech Republic. To say "I love you" to me or anyone in my family, he would say, "Ja ty milanú". I'm not sure of the spelling because even my grandfather doesn't know how it is spelled. Google translates "Ja ty milanú" as I love you so I think I know the spelling. My big question is why does that translate to I love you? I do not know what verb conjugation is "milanú" or what the infinitive is. I believe ja means I and ty means you. If so, why does ty come before the verb? I am curious too if this is a slang phrase or formal Czech.

Any response is appreciated!


November 9, 2019



I love you is "Já tě miluju." in Czech. The object must come before the verb because it is the short clitic form of the pronoun and it must be in the second position. It can also be "Miluju tě.".

There is another stressed form of the pronoun "tebe" than can come in the final position but does not fit the most common meaning of "I love you.".


Thank you so much! The Czech sounds like what I've heard from family. It makes sense now.

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