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  5. "It's just a replica."

"It's just a replica."

Translation:velqa' 'oH neH.

November 10, 2019



Isn't an 'e' missing here?


No. Do you mean the pronoun 'e' or the focus noun suffix -'e'? And where do you imagine the 'e' would go?


The suffix. Because it is a "to be" statement.


If there was a noun to the right of the {'oH}, that noun requires the {-'e'} topic suffix. In a "to be" the pronoun acts like a verb and takes verb suffixes.


velqa' neH 'oH doesn't mean It's just a replica. That English sentence means it's merely a replica, but Klingon neH after a noun means that the noun is not accompanied by other nouns. The Klingon sentence means it's a replica, but not other things as well.

To get It's merely a replica, you'd need to say velqa' 'oH neH. When neH follows a verb (or, in this case, a pronoun taking on verb-like properties), it means merely, which is the meaning we want.

So this sentence should be updated:

It's just a replica.
velqa' 'oH neH.

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