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  5. "'Iv qoplu'?"

"'Iv qoplu'?"

Translation:Who will be arrested?

November 10, 2019



The helper text here threw me off a little. The lesson was trying to teach me lu', so when the helper text for qoplu' said is arrested. I mistakenly thought qop was an adjectival verb for is arrested, and then I tried putting the passive voice on top of that, especially with the object being 'Iv. I thoroughly confused myself, until I opened up boQwI' and learned that qop is the action verb arrest. I'm not sure what should be done differently, but I think this could be more instructive somehow.


The hint system in Duolingo is... non-ideal. It draws from various uses of the word through the course and occasionally does not even always show a direct match for how the word is being used in the current sentence. There are some tricks the contributors can use to help a little, but even those do not help consistently. I'll look into it and see if there's anything I can do.


The hints don't need to sound natural. They're just hints. Showing only passive-voice English hints gives the impression that the Klingon -lu' means the same thing as English passive voice.

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