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  5. "E piʻi i uka."

"E piʻi i uka."

Translation:Head upland.

November 10, 2019



Why is "Go up the mountain"wrong? What would be the Hawaiian for that sentence?


I don't know what the correct version of that sentence is but I believe the reason your sentence would be wrong is because Uka means mountainward or in other words not necessarily on the mountain but heading towards it


Andrew4483's comment seems right to me which makes me wonder why my answer ("go toward the uplands") was incorrect?


my (neophyte) answer to why that is wrong would be that "mountain" is "mauna" and "mauka" is toward the mountains/uplands and "uka" means upland. And my guess at "go up the mountain" would be "e pi'i i ka mauna" (hopefully a Hawaiian speaker can tell us for sure!)

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