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*New Notebook idea for duolingo

I think it would be helpful if each user had an online "Notebook" which could be used for writing down rules and idea's that we want to remember, and when you learn a new word you can click "Add to notebook" and it automatically ads it to your notebook, this way we can keep track of our words (I guess it's like 'Vocabulary' a little bit but you can also type your own description in it) I also have a note book that is not on the computer wear I keep my words but the folder gets lost and stuff spills on it and other reasons why an online one for duolingo would be ideal to add to this awesome website! -anyway I love duolingo so much!

April 24, 2013



I love this idea! -I don't know about everybody here but this would really help me learn a language easier!


This would be a fabulous thing to have. It would definitely help me in my studies


I think I see what you are saying, I really like this idea as well, and It would be cute if we could decorate are binders with a wallpaper :P


I really Like this idea becues I do keep a small notebook for my words but I find it always get's lost, so this is a great solution!

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I keep a small notebook by my computer to write down words and phrases. It's very helpful. I'd love to have an extra tab that in Vocabulary to add my words to - according to each section learned, and in alphabetical order. I occasionally add to the discussion tab in French., but would like to see a separate Journal tab, where I could practice sentences learned, and make up new ones based on the lessons I'm working on.


I use Evernote and Google Phrasebook for this purpose .I also save the wonderful tips by users in Discussions section of each sentence but something inbuilt can be useful too.


Yeah, I made spreadsheets in Google Docs.


Cool, so your saying we can have an online "my notebook" or whatever you want to call it, and we can keep words in it and right descriptions? -smart thinking


Cool, I have made myself a little 'purple notebook' which I carry with me when I am away from the computer but then I never have it by my side when I am learning.


This is a fantastic idea!!!


This is a great idea, and if you have a good note to share, perhaps it could become a part of the discussion feature or replace it.


I think thats a good idea too...it really sucks having to click around to read rules and notes that are provided...but im a bit old school...i think it helps the learning process to physically write everything down...but thats just me...novel idea though...


Terrific idea! Maybe the notebook can be a small widget, similar to the "Support" button on the side, that you can click on that won't obscure the entire screen, but function as a mini "notepad"?

but regardless, would be thrilled with a notebook :)


yes if it appeared smaller on the screen that would be nice.


I really like that idea


It's a great idea... except that it has nothing to do with Duolingo. There are plenty of Notebooks apps out there: Evernote, CintaNotes, Notepad++, Stickies... and plenty of web apps that do that on your browser. Doing this stuff on Duolingo would demand for a lot of resources, such as implementing a new feature, QA, Automation and whatever for something that has already been implemented by other people and work quite well.


This is what I do -- I have a OneNote notebook for my German.


Copying and pasting into a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet has been working for me. Plus, I never have to worry about a feature suddenly disappearing or turning into a feature you have to pay to use. If it was something that duolingo could easily implement, I might consider it, but seeing what has happened with duolingo's Words tab would definitely make me hesitate.

For a discussion thread on the Words tab, past and present, see: VOCABULARY PAGE IS BACK!!!. 220 comments were posted in reply to this topic. If you only have time to read one, this one here probably paints the picture most clearly:

... With the old page, you could click the words to bring up a detailed page with the various forms of the word that you've learned (e.g. masc./fem. forms, plural, singular, various conjugated forms for verbs), a conjugation table for verbs, usage examples and an option to drill just that word. You can see some screen shots of these details in this thread. Ultimately, the current incarnation of the vocabulary form is only an updated version of the front page of the old vocabulary tools. All of the features that made it so useful have been scrapped.

As for the notes I've collected while using duolingo, I find them extremely valuable and I will always want to have the ability to access them at a later point in time. If such a feature were to be implemented and it gave users the opportunity to export or download those notes to a computer, that would alleviate any fears about not being able to access them in the future if the developers decided to do away with it.


this has to be the best idea on duo lingo so far, I can't imagine how much it would help me, thanks @libbyowly


thanks to everybody for the great responses


Yes very useful idea, especially when you come across a rule in a language that you keep forgetting about; such as everything after "nessuna" becomes singular in Italian.


Agreed, I think we should have notes for every section, Skills, vocabulary, lessons, and so forth.

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