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Do Latin enclitics change the position of stress in the word?

Dominae dominique

I know that if the word is declined or conjugated, and as a result the number of syllables in it changes, then the accent shifts accordingly: dóminus - dominṓrum

But do the enclitics like -que, -ne, -ve also cause such shifting, or they obtain their own accent?

In other words, is it "dóminīque" or "dominī́que" or "dóminī-que"?

November 10, 2019



do the enclitics like -que, -ne, -ve also cause such shifting

Yes, they do! Treat the enclitic as part of the word: dominī́que.


Are there any evidences to this statement in the works of classical writers or grammarians?


On the other hand, languages have words with primary and secondary stress: 'green'house

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