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Good resources to work on Hawaiian with?

There's obviously duolingo, and I know mango languages has hawaiian as a free language. Are there any newspapers in hawaiian that I can read indefinitely (so many newspapers give you 3-5 reads), or useful youtube channels, podcasts, websites, anything really?

November 10, 2019



Aloha e @TheClawFather, ʻae you should check out ULUKAU.org . They have a vast archive of written materials.

There was a radio program many years ago (80ʻs I think w/ Larry Kimura) with Mānaleo (native speakers), but I do not know of anything that is currently produced. I think there are recordings online of the shows somewhere.

I believe current media ma ka ʻōlelo hawaiʻi are restricted to those in immersion schools and university circles.

ʻŌiwi TV is a Hawaiian language network on Spectrum TV (Hawaii only, I think), but their YouTube channel has tons of content. Many Hawaiian programs on history, language and culture ma ka ʻōlelo hawaiʻi, but with English subtitles.

Moana has an ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi release but only for educational institutions (professional voice cast w/ same voice actress in English version [she is a Hawaiian speaker] . Iʻm still angry that Disney didnʻt feel like funding this and re-releasing including Hawaiian; kind of a slap in the face in my opinion...)

Hope this helps!


Ulukau seems amazing, Mahalo. Iʻm guessing the radio program was Hawaiʻi only. Does ʻŌiwi TV have videos in Hawaiian? From the few clips I watched I donʻt think so.

Either way, mahalo hoa


oh I just revised my post, realized I left some stuffs out. ʻŌiwi TV does have tons in Hawaiian, you may not have been looking at the titles carefully but there are usually double posts (one in Hawaiian, one Hawaiian w/ English subtitles). Iʻd say more than half of their videos are in Hawaiian. Mele ma ka Lihiwai has Hawaiian when the artists are comfortable conversing completely in Hawaiian.


Oh okay yeah, I clicked on about 5 videos. Good to know, that way I can hear what I miss. Mahalo again.


Noʻu ka ʻoluʻolu ^_^v

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