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"In the temple are the sacred altars."

Translation:In templo sunt arae sacrae.

November 10, 2019



Why is 'In' needed with 'templo'. The advice in the underlined word implies that 'in the temple' only requires 'Templo'?


I agree, this should be corrected. The hint specifically states that "in the temple" = "templo"; I changed my correct answer to an incorrect one because I assumed there was a locative case for this word from the hint. Even hovering over "in" shows "templo".


Why arae sacrae? Is this the nominative and if so why, I would have thought accusative here.


Arae sacrae is nominative plural yes. The reason for this is because we are using sunt (a form of esse) which does not take an accusative. Also we are describing where the 'sacred altar'is located so it is our subject, hence the nominative form.

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