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Android app VS. web problem

I think I found a little bug: If I turn off sounds on web and then I use the android app I can not turn on the sound (on the mobile app). So I do not get dictation exercise(on mobile app) until I go to Duolingo on web and turn the sound on.

Sometimes I use duolingo-website at work and I turn off every sound. Then I forget to turn on. :) While I go home by bus I use Duo-android with earphone. But I never get dictation, I can not turn on in the app.

June 26, 2014



Press the settings button to change that- on your actual android phone, press the button with three lines- the setting button will pop up


I know my english is very bad.... you misunderstood me. :(

Believe me, I know how to use my phone and this mobile app. :) This is a little bug. I hope that they fix it soon.


This might fix my problem, I can't turn off the dictation sound on my android phone :)

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