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Spanish - Unlearned words appearing in strengthen exercise

Today I completed the second Conjunctions lesson on my tablet, before which point my learned words were 143. After this exercise they were showing as 167 a significant increase and considerably more words than in that lesson.

I have clicked on the web for the next two lessons (Family & Prep), to see if there were any hints and tips but formally started neither lesson, let alone completed them.

When I now choose Strengthen Your Skills I am finding words which I have not been taught associated with the family now appearing in the exercises (hermana ,hija, padre etc).

Since the last two lessons were fairly weighty I don't want to race ahead with learning more vocabulary until I have consolidated what I have, however the Strengthen Skills option is drawing on words I do not know and obviously the more I fail them the more it focusses on them, making it fairly useless to me right now.

June 27, 2014


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