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  5. "I like eating at night also."

"I like eating at night also."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل بِالْلَّيْل أَيْضاً.

November 11, 2019



Better to say أُحِبُّ الأكْلَّ في الليْل أَيضاً (standard ) The one in duolingo is more like a dialect than standard.


At this stage in in the Arabic lessons, I really cannot pronounce many vocabulary words and I a “reading” at the level of a happy and lucky illiterate. In multiple choice reading comprehension questions, I narrow the choices by recognizing the final syllable or phoneme of a given sentence. I’m pretty sure I should have a better mastery of the material if the pedagogy had been better designed. Feeling discouraged and disappointed.


Don't give up, you can do it! Learning a language is all about how much time you spend doing it and how much variety you get. Try some other learning materials (buy books audio tapes etc.) to practice things in new contexts and learn new vocab. You shouldn't expect to learn everything from one place. See if you can find someone to practice with as well, there's nothing better than real communication


Exactly, you SHOULD not expect to learn everything from one place

And as our friend here suggested you should try to speak with natives, i am sure there are a lot out there that would help you gladly, for me you can talk with me on telegram (@kiraoga)

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