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Latin Bonus skills: Christmas this year?... Others later?

I'm really enjoying the Latin class. Thank you to all who have contributed to it.

Christmas is coming... will there be a Christmas bonus skill this year? Considering how much Latin is used in old church writings, songs, etc... I think it would be a good fit.

Later could there be bonus courses to help with other Latin literature? Like important phrases from Horace or Virgil?


November 11, 2019



AFAIK, bonus skills aren't currently available to contributors and can't be added to any languages that don't already have them.


I would assume that an expanded Latin tree would include a church lesson, and would probably teach words for major Christian holidays. A lesson for major Roman religious holidays would be great as well. But since it'll take a long time to expand the tree, we just have to be patient.


How could I help to translate the Latin/English course to a Latin/French and build a Latin/French full duolingo course ?


The Catholic Church uses Ecclesiastical Latin, which is a bit different, but a course on Ecclesiastical Latin would be amazing


That would be really good, yes!


I think there were a lot of technical issues with the bonus skills that were added after the original bonus skills, so it is unlikely there will be more bonus skills.


Me gustaría que agregasen el Latín desde el español o desde el italiano.

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