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Music in Latin

Hi all,

I usually like to listen to music in the language I'm learning. For Latin I haven't found any music though, the only thing I find on Spotify is reggaeton or spanish dance music (when I type in 'Latin'). I know it is a dead language but I was wondering if there has been a sort of revival going on with artists singing in the language?

Would appreciate some tips. Thanks. :)

November 11, 2019



You can find quite a lot of quite beautiful archaic church hymns and Gregorian chants in Latin on YouTube.


Here's a list of songs on wikipedia's that have latin lyrics, everything from classical to now. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_with_Latin_lyrics And here is a link to a latin playlist on spotify with latin lyrics. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1zKJGnjMzwoVM9fVc1TQgS?si=P3ed7ENiTziL91sedGP53w Hope it helps.


You only want popular songs? That's too bad, as some of the church music is incredibly beautiful.

The suggestion of Carmina Burana is a good one, as those were medieval secular songs, and many are very lively. There's always "Gaudeamus igitur," a student drinking song, in a version that presents Latin words (non-classical pronunciation) and a translation that gives an idea of what the lines say. You could even sort of karaoke it (note, "quodibet" should be "quodlibet" in the last verse), and Wikipedia has more of the words w/ translation.

Besides those already linked to, here is a collection of translated popular songs of varying quality.

There used to be a couple of collections online of Elvis Presley songs, translated and sung by a professor from Sweden, but they have disappeared AFAIK. IIRC, Enya released some Latin songs, about 20 years ago.


I like the Horror Nocturnus.


I would also like some songs because it can be hard to show somebody that language because I am not fluent in it and it needs lot of work. But songs can be fun to learn and I can pick some vocabulary from it. I don't want to find some church hymns etc. that have only vocabulary related to religion etc. I want to find some nice sounding, it can be even a song for children. For example I have this in one old book: Flevit lepus: 1. Flevit lepus parvulus, clamans altis vocibus, Quid feci hominibus, quod me sequuntur canibus? Quid feci hominibus, quod me sequuntur canibus? 2. Neque in horto fui, neque (h)olus comedi. Quid feci etc. 3. Longas aures habeo, brevem caudam teneo. 4. Leves pedes habeo, magnum saltum facio. 5.Caro mea dulcis est, pellis mea mollis est. 6. Quando servi vident me, hase! hase! vocant me. 7. Domus meus silva est, lectus meus durus est. 8. Dum montes ascendero, canes nihil timeo. 9. Dum in aulam venio, gaudet rex et non ego. 10. Quando reges comedunt me, vinum bibunt super me. 11. Quando comederunt me, ad latrinam portant me.


Aliquae carmina in "karaoke" modo, sicut "Libere" vel "Libera" (from Frozen) vel "Sentis noctis amores" (from Lion King) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWVPw4AUWSE vel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25hvBya6MjE atque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=208bwJ3vr_w

Et multi alii in https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZPF9fIp4wPG9YEoWE-dtw

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