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  5. "We live at home."

"We live at home."

Translation:Domi habitamus.

November 11, 2019



The use of the macron/long vowel mark would be useful for learners to pronounce the words properly.


How would you say "in Home"?


You don't say "in home" in English.


"domī" means "at home"

"domō" (more commonly "domū") means "from home"

The first form ("domī") is called the "locative" case (location). When it's available, the locative form is used without a preposition to mean static location inside someplace. Only a few nouns even have a locative form, but "domus" (home), "rūs" (countryside, farm), "humus" (soil), "focus" (hearth, fireplace), "Roma" (Rome), all do.

If a noun has a locative form, you don't use a preposition with the ablative form, when you mean "from X".


"Romā" -- from Rome

"Romae" -- in Rome

"ab urbe" -- from the city

"in urbe" -- in the city

You can see why you need the preposition ("ab", "in") for "urbs", but not for "Roma".

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