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"Chi vorrebbe una proposta di matrimonio così?"

Translation:Who would want a marriage proposal like that?

June 27, 2014



It's funny. For me, the difference between "who would want" and "who would like" changes the connotation of the sentence. I would use "who would like" if I were asking that question genuinely, whereas "who would want" would be said in a derisive, sarcastic manner. Is that just me?


Not just you. I wonder which is the base connotation of the Italian sentence?


why not.... wedding proposal...?


That's not the phrase that gets used in English. It makes sense, too, because presumably you're proposing marriage to a person (i.e. a presumed lifetime of making a life together), and not just a wedding (i.e. the ceremony and party that happens on the first day of said marriage).


I wrote: "Who would want a marriage proposal like this." Is there a reason that duolingo is marking me wrong?


DL rejects "who would want a wedding proposal like this" but do not know why!


non vedo la differenza con questa risposta: "Who would want a wedding proposal like this?"


I keep "getting such 1 marriage proposal" which is nonsense and it refuses the translation above


I believe my answer is right: "Who would want such a wedding proposal?"

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