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Tech Support for Students

Are there any tech support channels available to students having technical issues completing Duolingo assignments or experiencing unusual site behaviour, other than commenting on support discussion forums? I know we all have this option, but are there any more direct help lines or chat options available to students experiencing technical difficulties in real time? So far I have been unable to find a more direct resource to which I can refer them when they're having tech trouble while completing their homework, which is really too bad since I'm not trained to handle technical issues with this site, I am hardly their ideal resource for these kinds of problems. :(

Aside from simply commenting on a support forum and hoping for a relevant/helpful response, is there any resource to which I can direct students when they are in need of technical support? I'd like to know about it, if there is.

November 11, 2019



RyanGomez, are your students all having the same problems? You can search the forum and see what other people have had to say about hopefully similar issues. You can also join the Educator's Network to get responses from a dedicated group of educators who are all grappling with the same problems. We also bounce pedagogical ideas off of each other, which is super cool.


Thanks! It varies, some of the problems are the same across the board, some seem to be one-offs. The forum has certainly been helpful in the past in terms of being able to understand the reasons behind certain more widespread issues, even if there's not an immediate solution.

I feel bad sometimes when students come to me with questions about funny tech issues they're experiencing. I'm not very well-equipped to deal with them, I can only try to figure it out alongside them. In terms of the expectations of my position, I think it's sufficient but I do wish there were more direct channels of troubleshooting support available to students experiencing one-off tech issues.

Thank you very much for your response, I think joining the Educator's Network might be a logical step to take, if only to keep abreast of how others are handling funny issues that arise. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sharing how one would go about joining the Educator's Network?



I want to answer your question with adressing a question:

How much is your school paying to the Duolingo HQ to use the schools.duolingo.com classroom product?

You do hopefully not expect that there is a 1st or 2nd support level available by telephone/chat/e-mail for free?

How shall they offer your students technical support when they have zero clue about the bought hardware / devices (e.g. computer vs tablet), operating system and browsers you are using?

Hire some computer expert or make a contract with a local company to assist in real life.

As to classroom features which are not there or are broken:
It is not very often that staff (=admins with blue circle around their avatar) confirms some bugs but usually it is not possible to exactly tell when something will be solved.

You can submit a bug report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

But better do not expect a personal reply from 2nd/3rd level (=backend developer) how and when they might be able to solve it....or at least confirm it.

When my old Android mobile app was completely broken (crashed, local data corrupted, did not start anymore) while I was experimenting with the "FREE 10 lesson cache mode across 1-2 skills" I got no troubleshooting or debugging help from lead Android developers even after I had opened a ticket.

You better do not put your hopes (or expectations) too high...otherwise try to find a solution which involves payment if the issues are hardware related.

This obviously will not help you much if Safari or IE11 are unsupported (or lets say the web UI code updates in 2019 are untested with older hardware/browsers) and you have to use the very latest versions of Google Chrome V77/V78 or Mozilla Firefox Quantum (e.g. V68-V70) to get Duolingo working.

The final question just is:
Do your computers / tablets support the latest browser version (you can also try Microsoft Edge)?
If yes then you do not need a technical computer expert.

If the issues are more related somewhere in the deep Duolingo schools classroom code or you need a 1st/2nd telephone support to ask if any problems are known (to be confirmed) or what you / your school students can do you IMHO need to work out a - paid - way with Duolingo staff if any free internal resources are available (I doubt that for millions of users).

I do not think that it is the right way that each student contacts Duolingo staff directly.
You need a man in the middle.

I hope this summarizes it.

With best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

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