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Would anyone like to learn Middle Ancient Egyptian (and Egyptian hieroglyphs)?

UPDATE: Hey guys, Lesson 1 is already up!

Hi guys, I'm a big fan of dead languages and tried to self-teach myself some Middle Ancient Egyptian. For those who don't really know much about the language, it is spoken in Ancient Egypt around 2000BC for around 7 centuries since the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. The reason I want to teach this because it is the most well-documented variant and has been studied extensively by Egyptologists (where I got my textbook from).

Personally I have been facinated by Egyptian culture and history as a child (after being semi-traumatised by watching the Mummy back then).

Do comment and let me know if you want this to be a thing! (I'm aware that my schedule is pretty tight but I'll try type up some lessons.)

The Hall of Judgement depicted in the Book of the Dead:

EDIT: Hi guys, I've written up the first lesson, however when I copied and pasted it onto the post, only parts of it is published but not the whole thing. I'm not sure why this happened but if it is not resolved I doubt I can start :/

EDIT 2: Turns out that the forum doesn't like emojis so I've removed them and the lesson is up now! Link

November 11, 2019



Huh, what a great idea, I must admit I've never thought of it (and I do like everything about Ancient Egypt). Duolingo could make a course, I mean if there's Latin why not another ''dead'' language? :)


If there's enough of a target audience, I don't see why they wouldn't ;)


I want that to be a thing!


Is that the god Thot in there about to weight the heart of the guy? Thot's no ticc at all tho. Are we going to start a mystical journey across acient wisdom contained in sacred texts from a distant past? Are we going to learn important lessons about friendship and good always prevailing over evil as in most movie adventures?

omg yess yess I want to, even if we'll only learn a few basic things about MAE for some weird reason -not yugi oh related- I have always been fascinated by the Egyptian culture and mythology even more than that of the Greeks and Mesopotamians

ps: товарищ, pls tell me you'll take the private means of cookie production and unite all the cookie workers of the world.


Скоро, товарищ, скоро.


Actually, Anubis (aka Inpu) weighs the heart against the Feather of Truth. Thoth (aka Djehuti) is just there to write down the results.


I would absolutely LOVE this!


YES! I'm currently studying Art History and this would be perfect, since Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite topics.

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