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  5. "ʻO ka lā ʻehia kou lā hānau?"

"ʻO ka ʻehia kou hānau?"

Translation:What date is your birthday?

November 11, 2019



Or "On what day is your birthday?" I don't understand what would be incorrect about that translation.


I'm thinking the point is "ka lā 'ehia" vs "ka Po'ehia"...? Which would be day of the week instead of date on a calendar. ?? (although I can't find "po'ehia" in any of the dictionaries...I thought that meant "which day" in some lesson here on Duo...?)

(edit: this theory was just disproven by a later exercise in this lesson!: "Keoki's birthday is on which day?" Translation: Aia ka lā hānau o Keoki ma ka lā ʻehia? Oh well!)


Aloha, e KarinLynn1. I thought ka la ‘ehia was new. I eventually found my way to the listing of words I have learnt (worth a look) and I think we both recall po’ahia (it’s an a). In wehewehe and manomano it does not exist. On google translate Hawaiian to English it gives po’ahia as Maori for hungry! I don’t know how to report this but hope to see a reply from a kupuna Hawaii/ kumu.


Could you not say " 'o ka lā 'ehia ou lā hānau?" When is kou/ko'u and o'u/ou specific used apart from each other?

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