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"During the day you arrive at the temple."

Translation:Interdiu ad templum advenis.

November 12, 2019



I confess I wrote Interdiu templum advenis purely in order to test the system. While advenire usually does go with a prepositional phrase with in or ad, it is also capable of taking a simple accusative.

Tyriam quī advēneris urbem "...you who have reached (our) Tyrian city" (Aeneid 1.388)


why is it wrong to say "in templum" instead of "ad templum"?


in templum is more 'into the temple' specifying that the temple was entered.

ad templum is more 'to' or 'towards' and in this case 'by' or 'at' specifying that the temple was reaches but maybe not entered. Same with the English 'at the temple' not necessarily meaning the temple has been entered.


how about, "in templo" though?


in templo specifies a static location, no movement to or from that location. I don't think using it with a verb that specifies a movement to a location is appropriate.


I wrote it in plural, which is also you, but it was not accepted.


FWIW, I just now (2020-06-26) tried

Interdiu ad templum advenitis.

and it was accepted.


Interdiu is like interdium?


interdiu - during the day, in the daytime, by day

interdum - sometimes, occasionally;

interdium - not a word

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