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  5. "That large fish is a norg."

"That large fish is a norg."

Translation:norgh 'oH ghotI'vetlh tIn'e'.

November 12, 2019



Shouldn't the {-'e'} be a suffix for {ghotl'vetlh} as it is a noun suffix?


Very observant of you, but this is a sort of exception. You may have noticed that the suffixes are categorized into types. Types 1-4 suffixes (like -vetlh) always go on the noun, even when there is an adjectival verb with the noun. But the type 5 suffixes (-Daq, -vo', -vaD, -mo', and -'e') will move to the adjectival verb (treating the noun and verb as a whole phrase). So, the -'e' appears to be on the wrong word, but it's really on the whole phrase.

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