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Practice weakest words - is it really the weakest?

I've just observed that when you opt to practice the weakest words, the words you would strengthen as a result of practice aren't necessarily the ones that appear truly weak: that is, rated one out of four. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I missing out on something?

April 24, 2013



I have this problem too. The most frequent word I have appearing in both my lessons and practices is "(die) Katze". This is frustrating when I'm introduced to so many new words per category which are subsequently forgot because Duolingo thinks I don't know how to say "cat" in German.


I've noticed the same. If I sort by weakest words the ones at the top that are the weakest don't seem to be the ones that appear when I select practice weakest words.


Also the words that have not been seen for the longest, 9 months for me, are rated at full strength.


same problem here


I second this. Sometimes it seems the only way I can practice some words is to go back and replay the session where they were first introduced. It would be especially beneficial if my weaker words showed up more often in the "practice all skills", but for some reason this never seams to be the case.


I've had that too, and words that I've never seen before introduced in weakest words practice.


Proof: I went through Prepos Lesson 2 in French and I clicked "Practice weakest words". There were seven words, six of which strong and one weak. I had to go through the occurrences of all six words marked strong. Which of course got further strengthening. Alas, it didn't even touch the seventh weak one. Proof that Duolingo's got a bug in the system in that department.


Woohoo! Fixed as of now. I'm really glad I've been really able to take advantage of this feature for the past week or two.

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