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When do you use "mere" (my) instead of "mera" or "meri"?

So far I've figured out these ones:

  • masculine singular "mera ghar" (my house)
  • feminine singular "meri kitab" (my book)

It seemed like "mere" was for plurals, but then I've run across a few singular uses of "mere", like "mere dada" (my grandfather).

What is "mere" for?

November 12, 2019



One use of mere you already mentioned is for plural like mere dost ( my friends). The other use of mere is for showing respect. Like when you are talking about someone elder to you that you respect you will not say mera dada ( my grandfather) you will say mere dada or mere papa( my father) . This is generally for males, for females you will use the same meri like meri dadi ( my grandmother) and not mera dadi.


also for oblique and possession (mere saath)...u will see soon. Lol

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