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  5. "I am from America."

"I am from America."

Translation:أَنا مِن أَمريكا.

November 12, 2019



What's the new squiggle on top of the A letter?


The new consonant that kind of looks like a backwards 2 or c is called hamza. It signifies a glottal stop. In the alphabet sections of our lessons, it is transliterated with a "2". In some transliterations, an apostrophe ' is used to signify a glottal stop.


2ana is I right? Is that how u spell it?


No. The alif is a long "a" sound, so it is transliterated "2anaa".


When making this question I have option of selecting the right words which have already been spelled for me and spelling it myself using an Arab keyboard. In the first option "I am" is spelled with an alef 2a (the first letter). When I use the second option, the keyboard, it says I should only use alef 2 (without the little accent a). Same goes for the A of America) It's just a typo, but which should I use?

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