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  5. "Fell the tree"

"Fell the tree"

Translation:Angusha mti

November 12, 2019



Does this mean drop? As in, the tree fell?


'To fell a tree' is to cut down a tree, as any on-line dictionary could have told you.


Kuanguka = to fall

Miti inaanguka. = Trees fall.
Mti ulianguka. = The tree fell.
Mti umeanguka. = The tree has fallen.

Kuangusha = to fell (to cut down, drop, make fall)

Angusha mti. = Fell the tree. = Cut the tree down.
Wanaangusha miti. = They fell trees. = They cut[present] trees down.
Waliangusha miti. = They felled trees. = They cut[past] trees down.
Wameangusha miti. = They have felled trees. = They have cut trees down.

Mti umeangushwa. = The tree has been felled.


Since kukata has been used previously to mean cut down, why can't it be used here?

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