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  5. "Fell the tree"

"Fell the tree"

Translation:Angusha mti

November 12, 2019



Since kukata has been used previously to mean cut down, why can't it be used here?


Does this mean drop? As in, the tree fell?


Kuanguka = to fall

Miti inaanguka. = Trees fall.
Mti ulianguka. = The tree fell.
Mti umeanguka. = The tree has fallen.

Kuangusha = to fell (to cut down, drop, make fall)

Angusha mti. = Fell the tree. = Cut the tree down.
Wanaangusha miti. = They fell trees. = They cut[present] trees down.
Waliangusha miti. = They felled trees. = They cut[past] trees down.
Wameangusha miti. = They have felled trees. = They have cut trees down.

Mti umeangushwa. = The tree has been felled.


'To fell a tree' is to cut down a tree, as any on-line dictionary could have told you.

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