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Does Hindi (Devanagari) ever break the line above the letters in a middle of a word?

are all breaks in that line above the letters breaks between words?

Urdu / Farsi / Arabic breaks the line in the middle of a word after some letters: ز ر و ا (and i think maybe others).

Some Hindi Devanagari letters look like they'd break the line, but i've never seen any examples of this yet.

November 12, 2019



Yes. Hindi letters don't change based upon position the way Arabic/Urdu/Farsi letters do. So if I letter itself has a break in the line (e.g. ध), then any word with that will have a break in the line. E.g., आधा.


Yes if you are using a bha (srry i do not have hindi keyboard) then it will break

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