"An uncle is the brother of your father or your mother."

Translation:Uno zio è il fratello di tuo padre o tua madre.

April 24, 2013

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Uno zio, uno squalo shark, uno spirito spirit. Words with first letter z-s. Uno is a-an


is it "uno" because it's lo zio? un fratello - uno zio?


What is "uno" doing in this sentence?


Uno in intalian means number one and also a/an. So here is used as indefinite article


"an" = uno? Doesn't seem correct!


Perhaps think about how you would say "a street" = una strada, "a child" = un bambino. In Italian "uno" has a much more extended use than just meaning "one." Hope this helps :)


Uno zio like lo zio. Lo (uno) before s+substative, z, y, x, ps


does that mean one could then say "uno squalo"?


I don't see why not, if you have sharks in your family.


Thanks for the explanation, It's because "uncle" starts with "z"


Please explain why not: del tuo padre o della tua madre? Why di? Why no a di in front of madre? Please don't give me an ugly X for a translation that my Italian colleagues would accept.


Family members in the singular possesive don't get the definite article. Its "tuo padre" not "il tuo padre". So that gives you "di tuo padre" and not "del tuo padre". As to no "di" for madre i think its not needed in the same way its not needed in English but I'd guess its not wrong to include it either.


Un' e Uno sono lo stesso!!!!


Un' is used only when a noun begins with a vowel: un'anno. Un is used for any masculine noun that does not take un' or uno: un ragazzo. Uno is used for masculine nouns that begin with s+consonant, z, gn, ps, or x: uno zio, o uno scrittore. Una is for feminine nouns that do not take un': una città. The same rules apply for definite articles - l' = un', il = un, lo = uno, and la =una.


I wonder at what point DL was going to mention that nouns that would use "lo" instead of "il" also use "uno" instead of "un". I don't recall ever seeing this before today


Why are papa e mama not correct?


because the originals are not 'dad' and 'mom'


E perchè non si può dire "oppure tua madre"??????????????????

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