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  5. Perdi 420 dias de ofensiva!


Perdi 420 dias de ofensiva!

Prezados já fazem dois dias da perda da minha ofensiva de 420 dias... Não aparece mais a oferta para eu recuperar a ofensiva, descobri que posso pagar um mês do PLUS, e já recupero a ofensiva, me ajudem, por favor.

Isso é desesperador!

November 12, 2019

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Olá Elias,

eu sinto muito que você perdeu sua longa ofensiva.


  • Last Streak: 420 · lost 4 days ago

The "streak repair" is only available within the first 1-3 days as long as your current (restarted) streak is not higher than 2 days.

Currently it is "2", so it would be okay.
But the number "4" is the real problem for you.

I am not aware if you were signing up with a "Duolingo Plus" monthly (or trial) subscription that you could repair it; sure, it will - very likely - work within 3 days (as long as the repair is offered) according to other fresh Plus users (we had all those scenarios)...but I think now you are a bit out of luck.

And once your current streak increments from "2" to "3" the next day 00:00am it will for sure not improve your current situation.

Unfortunately I have to say that I have as a community member no obvious solution or idea for you to rescue your old streak :-(

  • Daily Goal: 50 XP

Those "coach goals" are only good when you want to push forward in a course and you need a daily tracker.
But the higher 20-50XP goals are horrible if you want to save a (quite) long streak as soon as possible.

Why don't you lower it?

Check your RAW data on Duome:

You need to check the graphs within your *own timezone (from Brazil) so the data is interpreted and displayed correctly.
You will see for what days you may have not met you minimum coach goal of 50XP.

  • Streak Freeze: 2019-11-12 (comprou hoje)

I do see that there is a longer gap in the days (3 + 1) with my German GMT+1 timezone (which is wrong in your case).
So obviously you have lost your previous "streak freeze" some days ago (for one day), so you had to buy it again today.


You could still send an "other bug" report or a "Purchase issue" request to staff and ask if a "Duolingo Plus" subscription for x months might be able to restore your previous streak and if they can assist you to get it fixed.

But I do not have very high hopes when there was a break of several days before.

As I said, the limit is 1-3 "lost days ago" to buy the "streak repair".

I am so sorry.

Wish you luck.

Best regards / Muitas saudações da Alemanha


Your English reading skills are probably much better than my Portuguese writing skills.

This above text is for me a little bit (that was a lie! :-) too complicated to try to type / translate it in / into Portuguese.


Oii Thomas! Tudo bem?

Oii Elias! tudo bem?

I'm also sorry for you :( Seems lately a lot of people are losing the streak, it's very sad :(

But don't give up on learning, what you learn you won't lost !

Eu também sinto muito Parece que ultimamente muitas pessoas estão perdendo as ofensivas, isso é muito triste :( Mas não desista de aprender, o que aprende você não vai perder !


Eu perdi mais de 1400 dias, mesmo tendo o bloqueio de ofensivas.


To de cara tbm, mano. Perdi 550 dias mesmo estando com o bloqueio comprado, ou seja, zeraram minha ofensiva, mas o meu bloqueio está lá, intacto. Acho que eles estão fazendo isso pro pessoal comprar o Plus.


Hoje perdi 393 dias de Duolingo sem motivo.... Bati minhas metas diárias e ainda tinha bloqueio de ofensiva

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.