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Please bring back the complete in under 2 minutes challenge

I cheat a lot when I am learning new sections by looking at the answers. Before when the mastery test only gave you 2 minutes there was no time to look at the translations to the words so when I mastered a section I really understood it. Now I can complete a section without really knowing anything or I have to stare at the vocab list and study it which is not very enjoyable. I think the old final test for mastery was great because it was fun and challenging. The current practice option is okay but you still have time to cheat your way through and in my opinion isn't as fun. the 2 minute mode doesn't have to be the final test for mastery like it was before but having it as another option for practicing a section would be great.

Although, one would way it could be improved would be to have you answer 2 less questions but not give you progression on the test for wrong answers.

April 24, 2013



If you know you are cheating, why not just stop doing it? There is still "Practice skill" button that gives you timed practice. You can set a rule not to go on to the next skills until you get full 20 points in the current skill timed practice. The mandatory timed session for mastering was removed because too many people could not cope with it because of slow typing.

A cheater will always find the way to cheat. In this case you are only cheating yourself.


As true as that is, checking the answer showed the direct result of cheating. When I cheated a lot I lost with around 7 segments of the bar left, which showed me how cheating hurt my time. So I would keep trying and was motivated as the amount left over each test diminished.

The current system to me is unsatisfying. If I'm just getting kicked out of the challenge repeatedly due to not learning a lesson recently it creates a barrier to getting back into it unless I just practice the words directly off the vocab list. And if I look at the answer to try to remind myself shortly after I just see a mastery accomplishment I know should not be there.

To me it was a really great feature, being able to complete a challenging timed test is a skill that should be encouraged (real life conversation doesn't give you 30 seconds to think of a word) not gotten rid of completely because it wasn't right for some people. I hope they try to include it as another way to practice at least and also try to include as many ways to learn as possible and not streamline this site too heavily.


I hope they try to include it as another way to practice at least

But there is such a practice and it has been there since long ago. It was by no means gotten rid of completely, but only made not mandatory. Have you tried "Practice skill" button with timed practice?


The mode I believe you mean is where you have 30 seconds and every correct answer awards you more time, that is not the same as the mode I'm describing. The "practice skill" mode is still to easy to coast off checked answers and as such doesn't give as accurate feedback on your knowledge.


I've never had any timed rounds apart from what I'm describing, but I've seen tons of complaints about it from people who had. I understand your concerns, but apparently the developers filter out solutions that don't suit the majority of learners, so I guess you have nothing left but to get used to it.

I don't think the team will keep two timed practice options at the same time, that would be excessive and confusing.

Just thoughts, though. I'm no decision-maker here :-)

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