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"Sacerdos ad aram sacrificare solet."

Translation:The priest usually sacrifices at the altar.

November 13, 2019



How usual is this usage of "ad" as "near", not the direction towards?


Very usual. In fact, ad is cognate with English at.


I suppose it is more of a metaphorical thing: Like "sacrificing to the god on the altar".. so more a direction to the gods... But that is thust a guess... Wouldl ike an answer to that too.


No, ad just means "at" here: ad aram "at the alter."

Ad is cognate with English at.


I've noticed here and elsewhere that the speakers will run the pronunciation of final phonemes into the next word. But here, "sacerdos ad aram" sounds very much like "sacerdos sad aram," doubling the final "s" of sacerdos. Not sure if this is a reasonable pronunciation or a mispronunciation.

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