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"Sacerdos ad aram sacrificare solet."

Translation:The priest usually sacrifices at the altar.

November 13, 2019



Ok. So we are almost at the end of this course but Duolingo still hasn't taught about Past or Future tense (or any other tense that may be there).

Only past tense we have encountered was the "was born" verb.

Please tell me Duo will teach other tenses too.


Currently they don't, this will likely be added when the course gets updated.


I've noticed here and elsewhere that the speakers will run the pronunciation of final phonemes into the next word. But here, "sacerdos ad aram" sounds very much like "sacerdos sad aram," doubling the final "s" of sacerdos. Not sure if this is a reasonable pronunciation or a mispronunciation.


Yes. Very, very, very frequently. Not always, but most of the time. It is annoying. I'm sure that we do it all the time in everyday speech. But I'm trying to learn the language, and it's not like I'm going to be conversing in it anyway, so clearly and distinctly pronouncing each word, without any carry over or elision or whatnot, I would think would be a better pedagogy.


How usual is this usage of "ad" as "near", not the direction towards?


Very usual. In fact, ad is cognate with English at.

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