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Any idea of when the course will be expanded?

I don't quite know how this works, but is there some kind of estimate of how much time it will take for the course to expand and leave the beta stage?

November 13, 2019



I think they've tried to answer this a few times.

It's a bit like "how long's a piece of string?"

The answer was "as long as it takes". And that's months (at least) and not weeks. And that assumes that they don't try to add macrons (or apex marks instead of macrons), as a few people seem to feel is essential (I don't) - in which case it will take very, very much longer.


I see. I guess I already expected that kind of answer, but anyway, it's good to know it for sure.

Patienter sperabo.


For most of us it's more a case of impatientissime, I think.


"How long is a piece of string?"




Leaving Beta depends on the rate at which reports are coming in - once the course gets below a certain rate and stays there for long enough, it leaves Beta. Expanding the course usually comes after that, because generally it's best to wait until the course is stable and there's been some time to get data on where parts of the existing course could be improved and how.

As Tembo said, once work starts on a new tree version, it will take a while. All the work to expand the course has to be done (and as Tembo mentioned, if the contributors choose to change the course to use macrons or a substitute, that will make it take substantively longer), which on its own will likely take several months, and then it has to be A/B tested, which also takes several months (assuming it doesn't fail right from the start). So we're probably looking at a year or more after the course leaves Beta before a new tree is rolled out to all users, though it depends on how soon after that the new tree is started, how large of an update it is, and how the contributors choose to allocate their time between working on the new tree and maintaining the existing one.


Is there a way to know the progress or a forum where one could watch? I've noticed that Hungarian and Klingon are still in beta (after years of work). And it seems like Latin has only recently got to Beta after years of enthusiastic requests.

I wish the contributors and makers good luck and am thankful for what is out there already.


I must congratulate all the contributors of the Latin course – I've received countless feedback emails confirming they now accept alternative translations I proposed. In other courses like German for French speakers they took a while to answer these requests (many months), but the contributors of the Latin course usually answer within a couple of days.


Does anyone know when exactly did Latin get to Beta? I missed it, and it was the only thing keeping me from using Duolingo for a long time


27 August, 2019, if I recall correctly.


There was a system message in Latin today (28 July 2020), stating that audio content would not be available. I understood that to be a suggestion that there may be an upgrade in audio content going on. Does anybody know if that is, in fact, the case?

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