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  5. "Judy has a house."

"Judy has a house."

Translation:عِنْد جودي بَيْت.

November 13, 2019



can I say عِندْ جودي بَيتٌ to make it "a house" as in "Judy has 'a' house"? It's probably just not common to say it, isn't it?


that is very nice to say that i have a typo..., but you do not include the right choice...


You must put عـنْد before the name (judi)


I can't read the markings over the second character in the first word. What is that first word?


The word عِنْد /ˈʕin.dæ/ literally means at the place of ..., so the sentence would literally back-translate to "At Judy's place [there is] a house". However, this word is often used to translate the meaning of the English verb to have.

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